where startup cities around the world battle it out the only way
startup people know: with 5 minute pitches!

To understand what we're talking about, check this out:

So why are we doing this?

More and more cities develop vibrant startup ecosystems. And that's awesome. Entrepreneurs everywhere are one big family. But even in a family, a little competition doesn't hurt, especially if it helps us keep our senses sharp in an area that is very important for startups: pitching!

After Christoph pitched Berlin at the 4YFN conference in Barcelona, people really liked the video (the one up there that you hopefully just watched). And some said "I wanna do that for my city!" And we thought AWESOME, bring it on. We want to see your creative ideas, we want to learn from your tricks, we want to have a laugh, we want to meet great startup people from around the globe...and that's why we're doing this website - we want to see YOUR pitches for YOUR cities!

Everybody loves a great pitch, that's why we hope seriously awesome people will join the challenge!

We want to see this guy pitch Rome:

We want to see him pitch Tel Aviv:

We want to see this guy pitch whatever city he lives in:

We want to see him pitch...anything, really!

We want him to pitch his city...inside an active volcano! ;-)

And we want to see this guy pitch Berlin:

Oh wait... he already did. How about PONIES?! Who DOESN'T love ponies? <3

Now it's your turn: WE WANT YOUR PITCH, FOR YOUR CITY!

We need some info about you, and we need a link to your pitch video. We';ll check out your pitch, and then we'll be in touch!

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This is a wombat, in case you were wondering...


So who's behind this?

Christoph, the guy in the Berlin video, is know around Europe as The Pitch Doctor. He loves pitching ideas, and he loves helping others getting better at pitching theirs. He works with 100s of startups each year on improving their pitch. He also works for many accelerators around Europe and Northern Africa as a pitch coach and mentor.

You can find more about him here: www.pitchdoctor.com